Mittwoch, 25. März 2009


...gib der Party eine Chance!

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Mahonimohny hat gesagt…

it's long gone that we shared our lives and it's long gone that I met you. Well it's long gone that you said you love me. But now it's time to forget you.
I couldn't forget you - that night and our closeness. For me it just seemed I'd known you for years.
In a hundred miles distance I felt your existence. So far from my home I knew you were here.
It's easy to think that the hearts of two ramblers would fit to each other like one and another. But living your dreams so far as it seems is likely to hurt your lover's esteem.
Now you're far gone, I don't know where you living. Surely I won't await you. You're far gone, not a damn I am giving.
I loved you once but now I hate you.